Who We Are

Yvolina's Tamales was founded in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago by mother and daughter Marcelina and Yvonney Hernandez in 2010. What started out with Yvonney asking her mother for some special requests for tamales sparked the idea to offer these delicious and unique options at farmers markets, festivals and also offering catering and delivery orders . Since its beginning, Yvolina's has developed a strong local following and, in 2015, will open its doors to its permanent location of 814 W 18th Street in Chicago.

About Our Food

We take great pride in our food: how it tastes, its ingredients and the way it is made and served to you. Our food is homemade, uses fresh ingredients, and we use local and sustainbly sourced providers whenever possible. We are constantly creating new delicious combinations and offer a large range of vegan and vegetarian options.

What's In The Name

The name Yvolina's Tamales comes from the combination of the mother and daughter founders' nicknames "Yvo" and "Lina".


We're enthusiastic about the future of Yvolina's Tamales! Our mission is to continue keeping customers happy with great tasting food while always remaining in touch with our roots and committed to our values of quality, authenticity, environment, health and community.